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Alex -

Completely different now than it was in the early years. The site started in 2001 I believe, and I was involved by the end of 2003 (and then owned the 4th affiliate w robb wolf by 2004). At that time, the programming was much simpler, much more rational, and not just a couple guys trying to dream up the most ridiculous workouts possible to impress people w how amazing crossfitters are. They were tough and demanding, but not in an unreasonable way. And there was some semblance of planning rather than now, where only the most delusional of cf inc employees could argue that there's a plan (I mean a plan other than what I described above). Those were the salad days, as they say.... long gone and never to be again.

The good news is that you yourself can do what CF intended to do back then, which was simply use the best training methods from various athletic disciplines - combine weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics and sprint training in a rational, methodical manner with appropriate progressions and long term planning, and you'll have some good programming.
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