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First thing you need to correct is that bar path - it's all over the place. It swings forward as it leaves the floor, then swings forward from your hips. Bring the bar back toward you as it leaves the floor, and keep it in close to you as you pull under.

In general your balance is too far forward during the lift - when you begin and finish your extension, you practically falling forward into the bar. You should be able to freeze at any point during the pull and be able to hold that position in balance - if you stopped your pull past the knees in either of those lifts, you would probably have to step forward.

So immediately as you break the bar from the floor, shift back toward your heels and use your lats and posture to bring the bar back toward yourself.

As you pass the knees, don't lean into the bar - keep your shoulders a little in front of it, but keep your weight balanced back toward the heels more and continue using your lats to push the bar back toward your hips as you extend.

Finish your extension w more extension at the hips without pushing the hips forward through the bar. That is, drive the legs straight up and extend the hips so your shoulders finish a little behind your hips.

Continue pushing the bar back into yourself as you finish this extension - imagine it sliding up your stomach. Right now you're stiff in the arms and pushing the bar w the hips, so it swings away from you significantly. Push in with the lats as you extend, then pull yourself down by pulling your elbows high and to the sides, always making the effort to keep the bar as close to your body as possible.

Pick up your feet enough to reconnect them flat on the floor as you pull under.

When you pull under, put your feet flat down right under the bar, and push the bar straight up - don't dive your chest under the bar and swing the bar back overhead.
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