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Thanks Greg,

These are my goals:
Stay fit, healthy and functional.
I came from a body building programming prior to CrossFit and then I found CrossFit the good years. I broke away from the affiliate due to scheduling with work (firefighter) and having a new born, our first. We converted our garage into a 2 person (wife & I) CrossFit/olmpic style gym.
Took my level 1 CF cert. then the rest was on our own.
I enjoy the CrossFit methods but since i don't belong to an affiliate I don't learn what's good or bad anymore. I know cf has changed since they went corporate America....
I want to still compete in local CrossFit competetion but nothing like the games.
Overall I still want to avoid beating my body up since I still have a long career as a firefighter, but want to be fit at doing it along with off duty.
Right now I'm doing the (General Cycle) form your site 4 days into it and I do my own programing for short metcon based on the Gant Grimes post. I only met con 3 days a week.

What do you think? Thanks....
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