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I did a bodybuilding style workout with my boyfriend in our basement. We really need a bench since we had to do Swiss ball stuff... anyway, this is me doing his workout; not the exercises I'd pick but definitely pushed myself harder than I did yesterday halfassing everything on my own.

db bp on a Swiss ball: 10 X 20 lbs., 10 X 25 lbs., 10 X 25 lbs.
seated shoulder press: 2 X 12, 25 lbs.
lateral raise: 2 X 12, 5 lbs
db rows: 3 X 10, 1 kettlebell (I think it's 26)
hammer curls: 2 X 10, 15 lbs.
1-leg Romanian deads 2 X 12 (25 lbs. then 15 lbs.)
db step-ups, 2 X 10, 15 lbs.
triceps extensions 3 X 12, with 15 and then 5 lbs.
calf raises (24)
swiss ball jack knives (24)

Breakfast: two eggs, two slices of bacon, some cherries

Lunch: two turkey sticks, an apple with almond butter, carrot sticks... yeah not enough food

Dinner: I made this tomato tart, because we're using it as a sidebar for an interview I did and I wanted to test it. It's not entirely Paleo since it had cheese and the crust had 2 tablespoons of gluten-free flour (I think it's mostly garbanzo beans), but it was mostly tomatoes and almond flour and olive oil and basil.

Workout and fish oil both done today; once I do those for 7 days in a row I'm going to add more goals in. I really need to make sure I'm staying on track...

My 2 big goals right now are the MovNat ones (hoping to knock the throwing off tomorrow; climbing will take longer) and also to start my rings workout. Other than that, rehab my arm and take enough BJJ classes to get another god damn stripe so I can do advanced classes even after GG leaves.

I just signed some new contracts today so I have a bit of work lined up (mostly corporate and ghostwriting), which means I can join the powerlifting gym again within a month or two once I'm liquid again. Also takes a bit of pressure off. So I'll see where I'm at then.
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