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Richard Bendekovic
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Thanks Steve, I have to see a Doc about this shoulder pain. Yesterday morning felt sharp pain deep in shoulder joint again during jerk of 50 kilos. Stopped immediately and did some jerk technique work with bar and conditioning and pain went away. Then last night push pressed 90 kilos for 3 reps no pain and 3rd rep went up easy. (please don't ask why I was jerking in AM and push press in PM, in short a scheduling F-up and promise to my son) Today called for "Max for day," jerk. Instead i got out the Cataylst video and went through jerk progressions with bar only or no bar. In doing behind the neck jerks I went with 30 kilos and felt great, felt fluid on technique. Moved the drill to front for jerks and felt that specific shoulder joint pain. A friend threw out possiblity of a cartilage tear in form of a flap, causing pain in certain ROM and not others. If not that he suspects, just like you guys, it is mobility issue that, just like you all said, will take some time to work out. Anyway, during the time I am trying to get my technique and tightness eliminated as a cause I figure, contrary to what I said earlier, can't hurt to get an MRI. So enough with problem for a while 'cause it ain't getting fixed anytime soon, but I suck at snatch too and so far can't blame it on some mystery pain and will be seeking help.
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