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So I'm actually a little bit sore from yesterday; I guess that workout was harder than it seemed.

I also got more acupuncture on my arm and since the guy is so good I had him look at my knee and other arm and finger as well. He's really good; I'd given up on acupuncture after the last 2 places I tried to go over the past 3 years but he was so good at cupping and said he thought acupuncture was more indicated... and I could feel shit moving right away. I think acupuncture is something that is really easy to get away with sucking at, so it's nice to find someone who is actually effective.

Anyway, he used a bunch of topical points to try to help with my knee stuff, and he told me not to walk too much or use my knee today, which is probably a good idea because it's a bit sore and feels unstable. I'm honestly not sure what else to do with my knee at this point since I've already done all the rehab and gotten ART out the wazoo and it still doesn't feel 100%. Everyone keeps trying to give me mobility exercises, but I think it's too mobile... my kneecap just sort of shifted and I don't know that it'll ever shift back.

Anyway, staying off my knee took biking and running and throwing out of the picture, so no workout today, just a little gardening.

Breakfast: ground pork and apple with cinnamon and nutmeg
Lunch: Rotisserie chicken and some roasted veggies (yellow squash and zukes and mushrooms and red onion)
Dinner: The really awesome Puerto Rican beef recipe in Everyday Paleo, using kale from our garden.

Next week I'll be starting the Gold Medal Bodies Rings 1 program, which should be fun. And I'm toying with doing the LE program again.
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