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So now my arm only hurts when I put on a seatbelt (passenger side), get dressed or put on deodorant, lol. Awesome. But seriously, it's getting better enough I think to go to BJJ on Monday.

Breakfast: leftover chicken...
Lunch: leftover Puerto Rican beef, except without avocado
Dinner: the rest of the chicken, with some cherry tomatoes and the leftover squash/red onion/mushroom mix, and a tiny bit of grated cheese

Oh and I had an iced chai; I think I'll live though. I had a lot of corporate work and it's impossible to do without caffeine, and I can't do caffeine without some sugar, so... Actually normally I'll use it as an excuse to get a chai plus a piece of tiramisu and 2 brownies, so I think I'm doing pretty well if I lock myself in a cafe for many hours and all I get is a chai.

Workout is just some Roy Duquette stuff today, unless doing dishes counts.

Been thinking a lot about my goals... I think after the 7-week ring program I'm gonna do some Oly. I really want non-BJJ goals since I have so little control over what happens in BJJ and what I get to work on and who I get to work with and for how long, etc. My jits contract runs out in 5 months so I'll see how I feel then and if I need to reevaluate. I really love jits and I don't want to gym-hop, so I'm hoping by then I'll at least get another stripe and get to go to advanced, or get to pick my training partners, or something.

Was thinking of doing LE because I got such good results when I did it in '09, but it's annoying to pay money to people to give you workouts you don't necessarily want to do and give you nutrition advice you already know, and I think the results come from being consistent...which is something I damn well hope I can do on my own.
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