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Okay, so it's Saturday, which is my cheat day and planned late-night MMA extravaganza; I have to score bouts and provide witty commentary on twitter and I get to do some fact-checking and editing and writing. It's always fun but requires much caffeine.

Breakfast was some Paleo muffins Todd baked; so good! I was supposed to eat eggs and bacons, too, but I had to finish some client work before our meeting. Which means I had to sequester myself in a cafe and drink chai. I think the hard part is over, but I really want to figure out how to do stressful (for me) work on a deadline without bribing myself with chai. My business coach told me that doubling my rates for corporate work would make it less stressful, lol.

Anyway, food. Other meals for today will include tacos, dark and stormies (is rum Paleo?) and maybe some leftover seafood stew from last night. I got a shot of espresso in my chai so hopefully that'll keep me up all night as I wait for blog posts to come in to edit and write my fight recap for GuySports and my column for Sherdog.

Workout... I'm hoping to go on a bike ride or at least a walk because it's so beautiful out and I have some time before the prelims, but that's not really a workout.

I am really working hard to try to make workout out fun for me, and making BJJ more of like a side/supplementary thing for now.

I think a combination of intro ring work (gonna do that 7-week program), MovNat playing (it really is just for fun, at least after I get the climbing done) and Olylifting will do the trick. I just want to have fun and get strong and skilled instead of trying to set goals I can't meet due to circumstances outside my control. This will hopefully make BJJ suck less because I'll have more say outside of that gym about my life... I just feel so stuck and disempowered in class lately, like I'm slogging through required classes to get my attendance checked off before I'm permitted to do anything fun. And I'm frustrated that I have no say over who I work with or what we do. So time to aggressively pursue what I want... I like the idea of actual programming so I'm not just aimlessly playing and actually get somewhere, but having a bit of control is also really nice. It's not that I don't trust my coaches (they're great), but just that I want to have short-term fun instead of being bored and getting deconditioned because someone decided my fundamentals are more important than me getting a workout. Plus it's a pain to train only for competition esp. when I can't even always compete because of money, no women showing up, timing, injuries, etc.
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