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So I went to make eggs and bacon this morning and then realized we were out of eggs, so I ate eggs and leftover pulled pork for brunch. Dinner was this amazing bratwurst salad from the Paleo Table. I also had some coconut water and I'll be eating some cherries and pistachios.

Workout #1: Started the Intro to Gold Medal Bodies program on the rings. Today was just a warmup, holding the top position (3 sets of 10 seconds)--couldn't have the rings pointed in, and then 3 sets of 5 seconds per leg of front scales, plus 3 sets of hollow body pushups (hold for five seconds, lower for 5, hold on bottom for 5, raise up for 5 to starting position.) Then pullups on the rings, 3 sets of 3, except our rings are pretty low so we had to do more like L-sit pullups. I did 2 sets but my elbow was acting up on the 3rd. Then a hollow body hold, 3 sets of 10-second rep. Then the stretching/cool down.

Workout #2: Went to an intermediate jits class. This purple belt who's my favorite coach was teaching, which was great. We worked on transitioning from side control to mounted triangle/armbars, and then an armbar from side which didn't rely on giving up position, so I liked it, and then we did three 6-minute rounds. I got to drill and then roll with a smaller purple belt I really like, and then I rolled with this blue belt girl who I've never worked with before who's super good but not spazzy, and then with a younger kid. I really want to work on just positional defense. My top game is good but I want to figure out why I keep ending up in bad positions. It's annoying that Saulo Ribeiro's book is all about how to survive from crap positions (I already know how to do that) or how to escape/counter them, but not how to get out of them.

Anyway, I was gonna do another class but have a backlog of work to try to catch up on and I was tired b/c we finally got to roll.
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