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Matt Morris
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I had a partial tear of my supraspinatus recently (6 weeks ago). I let it rest for2 weeks, then started doing LYTP's w/ light weight (from 0 to 2.5kg). I found a few interesting articles on shoulder rehab from eric cressey, and even on the forum here from Stephen Low and Garrett Smith. After 4 weeks, I was pressing w/ just my hand. after 5 weeks I was doing sets w/ an empty bar. Today I pressed 60kg. Always going pain free (per eric cressey, don't do any provacative movements as part of your rehab). and remember (I can't recall who I'm quoting), "don't go to complete fatigue, and pain comes AFTER fatigue."

Also remember, that taking it slow these next 3 months or so will save you a ton of time if it means you can fix it w/o surgery, so its probably not going to be worth pushing yourself like you are in a rocky movie.

Also, read the article on the Performance menu about supplementation for rehab. I found adding vitamins K1, k2, and A to the mix seemed to help.

Best of luck!
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