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Matt Morris
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Hey Corry, welcome to the forum!

First off, for a beginner, you're looking damn good! Watching your lift from the bottom up, and I think two things I would work on are...
1) you jump back a bit on your lift, try to land in the same spot (just moving your feet from a pulling stance to a squat stance).
2) keep the bar into your body as you bow and then explode. You should be pulling w/ your lats. One way to get the feel of this, is to have a buddy put a band around the bar and pull it out while you are standing with the bar, your lats should be pulling in (sort of like the pull of the breast stroke).

Don't worry about the elbows, that'll come with time and more front squats. The hip explosion will probably come after you feel more comfortable hitting the positions and you can unleash yourself more b/c you've got the positions/movements ingrained.

Keep it up!
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