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Cory, like Matt said, not too shabby for somebody just starting out, especially if you've been just coaching yourself. and it was a wise decision to start with the hang.

remember the most important thing for beginners is getting into the right positions. if you take a close look @ your clean, because of the fast countermovement @ the beginning of your clean, you are starting with your shoulders well behind the bar in the hang position. this will cause the bar to travel away from your body as you extend and will also cause your feet to land behind you as you pull your chest forward towards the bar. so what i suggest is to place yourself into the hang position correctly, shoulders over the bar, with no countermovement, and initiate the pull from a static position with your weight fully back on your heels. you might not be able to clean as much weight initially, but over time, initiating the second pull from that position will translate to lifting more weight.

for a better third pull (the pull under) you can start adding tall cleans/snatches and high-hang cleans/snatches. demo videos are elsewhere on this website.
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