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Breakfast: cooked up some rotisserie chicken with a grated apple
Lunch: leftover meat loaf
Dinner: chicken, sweet potatoes and shallots over mixed greens
Snacks during the fights: some beet and sweet potato chips, pistachios and blueberries. and a banana. i am frickin' starving lately, not sure why

Workout was the GMB intro to rings pretest. It seemed easy but we tested twice for each exercise and didn't do as well the second time, so I'm guessing it was more of a workout than it seemed.

-top position hold: I got 31.5 seconds and didn't even have the rings turned out

-front scale: I managed to get to 90 degrees, but only held it 13 seconds on the right side and 14.5 on the left

-hollow body pushups: I don't feel like I could do this correctly; it's such a weird move

-ring pullups: 1. so I feel like I can't even get a dead hang since the rings hang pretty low, but I just had to put my legs off the ground before starting

-hollow body hold: so I can't keep my lower back flat unless I do this with my knees bent, so I did that for 1:12

So I did that plus their warm-up and cool-down stretch... No BJJ tonight because I was covering these fights, but I get to go Friday night and Saturday morning and possibly tomorrow.

I'm super tired and hungry lately, though, which is weird because I don't feel like I've been working that hard, but eating those sweet potatoes tonight felt good... as did sleeping 9.5 hours last night...
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