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Default First meet, have a couple questions.

I would like to register for the 2012 Cal StateGames but I have a lot of questions as this is my first meet.

1. Attempts: My PBs are currently 95 snatch and 130 CJ. These were both done in my garage and not in a competition. Do beginners usually open with 85-90% of their PB and work up to their PB? I was thinking 85, 92, 95 for Snatch, and 120, 125, 130 for CJ.

2. Tapering: the meet is 2 weeks away, I plan to follow my current programming, which does not taper for a competition, and just take it easy the week before the lift, mainly staying below 75% or working up to openers?

A little background on me, I am a crossfitter with a emphasis on weightlifting. Weightlifting takes up 70% of my programming currently. I would appreciate any advice on the above and just any basic advice for a first time weightlifting competitor. Thank you in advance.
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