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Matt Foreman
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1- I think the attempts you listed sound pretty good. Your opener should be something you can make anytime you want to, something you've done really consistently in training. Based on what you wrote about your lifts, the attempts you planned sound about like what I would do. Just make sure 85 to 92 is a jump you're used to.

2- Just make sure you get plenty of rest the week of the meet. If you're going to compete, you want to give yourself the best possible shot at a good performance. It doesn't make sense to train in a way that's going to leave you fatigued on meet day. I have no idea what your normal training is like, but I like the approach of lifting light on Monday and Wednesday, and then doing nothing but light stretching and maybe some bar work on Thursday and Friday before the meet. During that last week- when in doubt, go light and rest.
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