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I would agree with Matt regarding your attempts. The 85-92 jump strikes me as a bit big, but if you do it all the time, it's fine. If not, you may want to consider doing 87 instead of 85, and you can make your last warm-up lift as high as 85 if you want to be more confident with the opener. Honestly I've had newer lifters take their opener weight as their last warm-up when I know confidence is an issue and that the weights themselves are not particularly taxing.

Regarding the last week, definitely do the lifts at least on Mon and Wed. Instead of taking the other days off, because you're new, I like doing the lifts but keeping it very light - like a few 60% singles. This just keeps the movements fresh for you without wearing you down at all. Day before the meet, either rest completely or just throw the bar around a bit to stay loose.
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