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Totally cheat day today. Here's the damage...

Breakfast was three eggs, two slices of bacon and some blueberries

Lunch at a cafe. I got a "sandwich" with roasted veggies but threw out the bread and ate the veggies. Most expensive couple forkful of veggies ever, but I was starving. I also had a chai and two gluten-free wafer type things.

Dinner was leftover rotisserie chicken and pistachios. Oh and I had a bunch of chocolate truffles. My new way to get myself to eat less of them is to buy the expensive ones (like $10 for a box of 4-5) but I still had like 9. Probably 500 calories or so, not that I'm counting.

Workout was just a hollow body plank and hollow body hold. Missed jits to work but I'm going to do open mat tomorrow and Saturday since there's no Friday night fights, may as well take advantage of it. I'm trying to come up with a new goal for jits since 5 days a week is unrealistic for me right now. Maybe 3... Saturday morning open mat and then M/W if possible...

I was doing well with getting to bed before 1AM but drinking chai messed that all up.
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