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Pull-ups and dips: The plan so far is 4 weeks of the Armstrong pull-up program applied to bodyweight pull-ups and dips. 1 week rest (week 5). Week 6-10 the Armstrong pull-up program applied to weighted pull-ups and weighted dips.

Rowing: For rowing I'll be adding in 6 workouts on Monday-Saturday. These will consist of the ones you mentioned: 1000m day, intervals and some days with long rows for recovery and technique practice.

Aesthetics: This will be some type of bodybuilding training. I stack up on this event pretty well (without much focus on it in my previous training, however), but other competitors are a little further ahead, so I'll need to work on this. I imagine having one chest/shoulder/back/arms/legs day every week with abs 4 times a week.

After having finished this, I'm thinking of adopting the GTG method for weighted pull-ups and dips.

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