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Default form check

Here's a vid of me doing a snatch balance + OHS complex. I've never recorded myself before and right away I noticed some things that I do that I didn't realize while doing it. For one, is my head lurching forward too much? Also, I guess I'm not catching it as deep in the hole as I thought. Is this ok to ride it down as long as I punch the bar out and catch it overhead aggressively?

You'll also notice how as the weight gets heavier I tend to catch it higher and higher.

Side note...I'm completely self-taught and have solely relied on your books and this website for direction. Your comments will be the only coaching I will have recieved. I'm a stickler for technique so I just want to make sure that my positions are good or that I'm on the right track with the assistance exercises before I start posting me doing the full lifts for criticism, which I'm sure will be a mess. thanks.
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