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So I did about 90 minutes of open mat this morning, maybe rolled with 8 or 9 guys (and got to pick who I rolled with, as per usual except for yesterday, so that was nice). I also got to roll with my coach for the first time ever, and that was awesome; he gave me lots of little things to work on... like resting with feet on the hips knees out in guard and then putting my hooks in only when I'm ready to sweep. I could tell he was setting up a lot of stuff for me to get so I went for it but it's stuff I don't usually go for (like triangles from guard), and when asked I told him the reason I didn't trust my triangle was b/c I get stacked and so he showed me how to transition to an omo/armbar combo that prevents stacking. And he showed me a new way to break lapel grips that actually hurts so people won't try to regrip as readily, and we talked about far side hooks from back takes. And we talked about controlling the hip from half before fishing for the underhook and finishing the guard pass. So that was cool. And he told me I was moving a lot better, which is nice, but like how many times can I be "moving a lot better" and "really improving" as a 3-stripe white belt is what I want to know. I guess I haven't been training all that much for the past few months, though, only like 30 classes or so since I got striped.

Anyway, so food...

Breakfast: Todd made this amazing thing with eggs and chorizo and sweet potatoes... I figured just before a workout is almost as good as post-workout for the starchy carbs... Thing was delicious but I only had a little b/c I didn't want to be sick for the workout.

Lunch: I just had a plum and a beef stick and a coffee drink (cheat #2 for the week but I need the caffeine to stay up and work during the fights.)

Dinner: We just took out a cube steak and New York strip steak, cut 'em both in half, and then we had a bunch of steamed kale from our garden with Kerrygold butter and it was so delicious. Plus I had some cashews and blueberries.

Pretty good this week, overall, and I'm starting to feel like I'm moving a bit better that I was a couple weeks ago, so that's good.
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