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Today was an insanely busy day... Got up, went to my garden to weed and harvest (kale! tomatoes! parsley!), then took a shower and went to this Paleo/MovNat meet-up, then went to Trader Joe's to get groceries, then went to the park to work on some MovNat. Non-stop, all day.

Breakfast: two eggs and three slices of bacon
Lunch: oh, oops, I skipped lunch again. I keep doing this. but I had free TJ's samples and some dark chocolate. Just water at the cafe where we did our meet-up.
Dinner: this butternut squash, broccoli and ground pork meal from the Paleo Table.
I will probably also eat a plum.

I'm back down to only 10 lbs. higher than my competition weight and 7 than my preferred walking weight, so I'm happy, I'm thinking only a month or two and I'll be good again.

Workout was just MovNat stuff; I'm still working on the 2 remaining tests I need to pass (since I think the running is good for now.) I thought I'd knock out the throws, since I got 5 of 8 and needed 6 of 8, but it's hard to play wallball without a wall. We tried to use a fence but since it was chain link the depth perception threw me off. Then we did it on a wall at a park, putting a 3" X 3" target about 8' high, but the wall was only like 8.25 feet, and when I hit too high it hit the roof, which made it looked like I missed even though it would've hit the target if it wasn't for the roof. So I'd miss a shot and land like 6 and miss two... I totally don't want to cheat with creative editing to make it look like I landed 6 of 8 when I landed 6 of 9 (etc.), so I need to practice more or find another wall. It's frustrating, though, b/c I thought I'd be able to pull this off right away. Ah well, can't hurt to get some more throwing in.

Oh yeah, so my workout was probably around 30 12-lb. wall balls, 8' high, 8' away, or trying for that.

And I worked on my climbing, which needs help, but Brian was cool enough to offer to look at my video.

Aside from having to say up 'til 2:30 to edit last night and only getting 6.5 hours of sleep, I'm feeling pretty good.
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