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So I woke up super sore, and I think it may be from the 50 wall balls I did yesterday, haha. Anyway, skipped BJJ to just do the rings workout.

I kind of need to figure out my schedule. I've been trying to only work 8 hours a day instead of 12, but I need to break it up more so I can start my ring workout earlier and still get to jits. It worked out today to not go anyway b/c I'm so sore (I think I'll do Tues/Thurs/Sat) but just in the future.

Anyway. So my workout today:

top position holds -- 4 sets of up to 10 seconds. My rings are still not turned out; just getting used to pushing down through the rings and keeping my posture strong and stable.

hollow body pushups-- holding the top position, taking my time on the way down, holding at the bottom and then holding at the top after exploding up. 4 sets of just 1.

hollow body holds -- 4 sets of 5-10 second holds, with 30 seconds in between. i still am doing a modified position to keep my low back glued to the ground

handstand practice--5 sets of just trying to hold handstand position against the wall for 10 seconds. I am still really getting used to it and it's gonna take a while i think to talk my body into letting me move my hands closer to the wall so i look like i'm doing a handstand instead of a modified pushup, lol.

Breakfast: Green eggs (spinach and eggs blended together)
Lunch: Leftovers from yesterday, so yeah I had butternut squash not after a workout.
Dinner: So I tried to eat this jambalaya stew but it was sooo spicy. Then some cherries and cashews.
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