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Main thing to work on right now is improving the balance and timing of your pull.

In your start position, push your knees out to the sides a bit - that will allow you stay upright and better balanced and make it easier to get the bar past your knees.

Immediately as you break the bar from the floor, shift your weight back toward your heels and keep in there for the entire pull. Right now you're staying on the balls of your feet during most of the pull, and you're getting pulled forward, which is probably why you start trying to row the bar up with your arms.

Shift back and engage your lats with long, relaxed arms to push the bar back in toward your body. Make sure the bar contacts your hips as you finish extending - and this should occur with your arms still long and relaxed. Only after you finish extending the knees and hips in a nice balanced position should you engage the arms to pull under the bar.
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