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Default Snatch Practice

Hi guys-

Its been a while since I've posted a video on the snatch. I had a lot of excellent feedback last time and really wanted to focus on the things that were discussed. Now that I've had time to iron out some major kinks, I wanted to post this video to see where to go from here:

Please take a look.

Here are some of the things I see here that I like:
-movement off the floor
-extension of the legs before the hips
-solid back arch
-(and even though you might not be able to tell) my head position at the top of the pull is very much improved from the launching backward mess that it was

Some of the things I don't quite like:
-I think I need to continue moving back on my heels more before taking off in the second pull
-I do not like my speed getting under the bar
-I don't often feel strong when doing the snatch

A little more background: This is the first day of week 5 in the classic/position cycle from the book, which leaves 7 weeks to go. Furthermore, this is day 4 of my 30 day attempt to eat more than 1g protien/lb of body weight--I've been getting frusterated with my body's unwillingness to lift as heavy as I'd like, so I'm hammering down on recovery and feeding my body as much as I can.

Also, next time I'll wear a shirt for sure. Today it was 86 in the gym with a broken A/C--it was just too damn hot and sticky for cotton.

Thanks all for taking a look and helping me get better,

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