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So I said I was going to do jits 3 days a week, which means I'll have to do Wed/Thurs/Sat since I work Friday night (Bellator's on) and didn't go today... Same problem; too sore to do advanced, too bored to do beginner's. Wed is intermediate and hopefully by Thursday I won't be sore, and Saturday's open mat.

Breakfast--3 eggs, 3 slices of bacon, a banana, some cherries
Lunch--nothing (I ate a big breakfast on purpose)
Dinner--this amazing Brazilian stew that Todd got a recipe for on PaleoOMG. I'm glad he had to read that site and I didn't.

I also had a chai, of course. (Are you surprised?). I'm kind of amazed that I am more of a chai addict than a chocolate addict, somehow, but only buying expensive chocolate has helped me kill the habit or limit it anyway.


5 X 5 front scale leg lifts (holding the last for 5)
5 negatives (ring pull-downs, basically)
4 sets of 10-second hollow body holds
4 sets of 10-second Supermans (Supermen?)
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