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Default From Powerlifting to O-lifting. Having trouble with the snatch and the jerk.

Hey guys, new to the forums here, although I have posted these videos on the crossfit forums, I wanted to see the response I got here, especially from Greg!

I switched from Powerlifting + occasional crossfit to O-Lifting + occasional crossfit very recently (thinking about dumping crossfit all together but I admit I have that metcon addiction).

Anyways I always wanted to become a good weightlifter but I've always had shoulder issues, so I got by doing a lot of powerlifting programming, focusing on squat/deadlift over bench. Got that repaired a little awhile ago with arthroscopic surgery and now I'm back lifting. Here is the newbie gains I've made in the past 5 weeks.

C+J: 195lbs -> 235lbs
Snatch: 140lb -> 165lbs
Squat: 320lb -> 340lbs
Clean: 215lb -> 255lb

165lb BW @ 5'7"

I feel like I can progress even further if I really fix my technique. I have so much trouble snatching and I really cant get the concept of the jerk down, for its the limiting factor in my C+J. The coach at my box wants me to train with him and thinks I should compete. I'm hesitant because I still consider myself new at these lifts.

Here are my latest PR attempts from this past saturday: (C+J) (snatch fail) (snatch fail 2) (snatch fail 3)

I've posted those on the crossfit forums and got someee feedback. Here are some videos of 75% of my 1RM taken today. Let me know if they look any better. (C+J) (Snatch)

PS: I would like to compete eventually. I weigh 165lbs. I'm not sure what weight classes are like at my level, but I know i'm right inbetween 69 and 77kg. Do you guys think I would do better to cut some weight or gain it? Leaning out to 10% bf would be nice
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