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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
Seriously? Is this a shameless plug for Biotest now that you write for them, or are you just not willing to do some Google-Fu?

Adaptogens help the body to deal with stress *now*, they don't tend to help so much with repairing damage accumulated by the body previously.

Adaptogen definition
********* I have used Botanabol from Naturahealthproducts that has several adaptogens in it the most effective for anabolism being Rhaponticum. Having taken anabolic steroids in the past i can say unequivocally that the effect from an anabolic standpoint is about 30-50 %. That by the way is very significant. I knew personally Ben Tabachnick who brought many of the Soviet "legal" or "natural" supplements to the U.S. in early 90's and they are backed up by a significant volume of research. Adaptogens can relieve stress, lower cortisol, improve insulin sensitivity and improve anabolism.
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