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Workout #1 was a really fun one in Intro to Rings: bear walks, froggers, long jumps and sprints. I combined this with some of what I learned at MovNat... especially with long jumps and sprints. I've been working really hard on maintaining good form when running (which you guys will read all about in the August PM) and also, Erwan spent a lot of time working with me one-on-one on making my jumps silent. It feels nice to do stuff beautifully and skillfully instead of just rushing through it, so I did... I've been trying to incorporate that into BJJ, too... instead of just rushing through drills and trying to keep up, to make sure I do them perfectly, even if it's a little slower. I'd rather move well and get what I need to out of the drills than have people think I'm *really fast.*

Workout #2. Speaking of jits. So I made myself go to BJJ today even though I didn't really have the time because I really want to go 3X/week. I got to work with this younger kid, but it was actually okay because he drills hard and we're pretty much at the same ability level or maybe he's slightly better. I think boys around my weight who don't have that man strength yet are around my level. Not like level matters in drilling, though, just someone who's serious and actually drills. So I take back my previous comments about teenagers not wanting to drill; I guess it depends on the teenager.

We worked on two sweeps from De La Riva, one was more sideways and one was over the head when they push in, which is always fun to watch, but I don't look as Cirque de Soleil as my instructor does.

And then we got to do a half guard drill pass game, which was really fun and exhausting. I'm psyched that the intermediate class is actually hard lately.

Didn't get to stay for advanced; too much work which I just finished right now. I was slaving away trying to understand this spreadsheet so I could write a financial summary for a client, but after about an hour of sweating, I realized it was the spreadsheet that was stupid, not me. I mean, who thinks each year has 6 quarters? And who has different years listed vertically than they do horizontally?

Anyway. Of course I ate like crap today and won't get enough sleep, it's 2AM and I have about an hour's worth of dishes and laundry and cleaning to do, but it's my fault for procrastinating during the day...because I was putting off this project.

Okay, so food... I skipped breakfast, and had that leftover curry stuff for lunch, and then I had an apple with almond butter, and then I had two coffees, and then I had these corn enchiladas because I bought a frozen dinner, and yet another coffee type thing. I really need to outsource work that makes me sleepy so I don't need 3 coffees to do it.
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