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Blair Lowe
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Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to run in 240P instead of 360. It's choppy at 360 and I couldn't get the pause/play button to work well.

The one thing I see is you rock forward as you squat up from the bottom of the OHS. Stay back on the heels and keep the torso vertical, blah blah.

I was trying to figure out why you ended up forward but it's not as bad in the second lift.

I'm not sure you really need to work a dynamic start. Hell, I love doing it but I was told to not do it. Sometimes I feel I need to when it gets heavy but I know at times my form can suffer and it's harder on my CNS when I do (I'm good for maybe 3 reps with it before I'm shitcanned).

Generally a better angle than the side is one that is diagonal from the front. Just saying.

The lift looks pretty good to me, but I can't really see the speed issues because it runs like ass on this ancient laptop.

You might be right about staying back on your heels but I can't slow mo it well enough to detect. Maybe if I were to download it and convert it to something I could frame by frame. That might take a billion secs to redo on this old monstrosity.
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