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So I didn't go to BJJ today. It was a conscious decision. I'm just too sore from yesterday, which is weird, because I think we only did our game for 15 minutes. But it could have to do with the hyper-caffeination and lack of sleep and stress, or something. Even the rings workout was ridiculously hard today, even though it was the exact same one I did earlier this week fairly easily.

But yeah, I guess I don't know why I set up BJJ goals for myself if I'm not gonna keep them. Then again, doing an advanced class when I'm sore seems like it would just make me hate grappling, and I want to enjoy my life instead of just forcing myself to do things so I can get my name checked off on an attendance sheet and get a stripe on my belt sooner, which is kind of a dumb reason to do anything. Though it does suck to still be a white belt after all my years of training.

I think part of it too is that the classes are so different that I don't know what to expect; one day I hear there was a half hour crazy warm-up and sparring for 90 minutes in groups of 3, and other days it's more mellow, and I never know which is which. And I'll admit our world champ summer coach hasn't won my over yet by basically not correcting people in the one class I attended and not rolling with me during open mat. So yeah.

I decided not to compete in the August IBJJF tournament because there was only one girl at the weight I'm currently at and I don't want to lose 10 lbs. in a month and also the girl I want to rematch (we went 1-1) is now UP a weight class from what I'm walking at now, so boo. With only 1 person there and the fact that women get injured or just don't show up 1/3 of the time, doesn't seem worth it. Also, I kind of feel like even locally I've been competing long enough that competing at white belt is no-win. If I win, I'm sandbagging and if I lose, I suck. And then the whole not wanting to spend $300 or $500 or whatever it ends up being between gas and hotel and registration and etc.

SO I'm still looking for more goals but I guess short-term I've been working on my climbing for MovNat and will start with the throwing again--really I just need a better target so I can be a quarter inch above it without hitting the roof. So I guess those are 2 things to focus on. And I figured out what I was doing wrong with the leg swing...

Anyway, rings.

4 X 10 second top holds
4 X 1 hollow body pushup, holding top position for 3, lowering for 3, holding bottom position for 2, then exploding up and holding for 3.
4 X 10 second hollow body plank holds
5 X 10 second handstand holds

eggs for breakfast
chicken cilantro soup for lunch
then for dinner, i made steak with a dry rub and an avocado/tomato salsa and this amazing salad:

Epsom salt bath for me!
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