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My right hip responds well to Single Leg Deadlifts with a DB. I feel stupid doing them but it seems to alleviate hip and lower back pain on my right side. On the left side, I just feel off balance but ehh. The Reverse Hypers tend to be my go to exercise besides a lot of hanging and support swings on Rings and PB. However, they aren't regular swings but pikey swings that focus on opening up my lower back. Straddle ring swings do wonders as do Ring Hip circles. Either that or just get the hip adjusted.

I hurt my back twice in 2010 when I was trying to get back under the bar after about 6 mo without doing 531. As well coaching and working out at the gym. Injured it pretty soon under the bar and then about a cycle or too later which I think had more to do with a spotting injury or training event injury than the bar.

That being said, it always seems I have to work on my hips and lower back or it starts creeping up on me. Maybe because I had a bad back hyperextension about 10 years ago on trampoline. No idea. The hip was always a problem from playing right handed sports and only got worse as I got older so I have to watch it or it'll start acting up eventually when vault or tumbling come to play.
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