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Check out The Outlaw Way, Crossfit Football, and OPT. And, you know, Cathletics. Naturally. They are all run by people much smarter than I am.

Personally, I follow Cathletics now, but I also write programming; my trainees have seen some pretty solid results. You can find us at I post the workouts daily.

Originally Posted by Tom Seryak View Post
Alex, after we dropped our affiliation with crossfit, we kept some conditioning components, but structure is much differently. Mainly we stick to low skill movements, reasonable volume, couplets and triplets, and always include rest...either through a fixed period or a send-off time. I wrote about it hear:
Tom, that article was on point. I think you and I are of a very similar mind in regards to conditioning. The only time I really break from the rules is for my "Saturday Supercon"...a tradition that started as a joke but has carried on because my trainees effing love it. Sunday's a rest day, so I don't feel too bad about beating them up a little on Saturdays.

I like your idea of cutting back the conditioning work to two days a week and adding in supplemental lifts. That might just form the basis for my next strength cycle.

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