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Question Cleans - Any other guys have this issue?

So this is kind of a strange question I know, but I've got to ask it because I know if I get this figured out it'll help my clean and jerk exponentially. So my issue is this:

I often jump the bar way too early on the clean. The bar hits off of my lower thigh, leading to me not getting the bar as high, the bar traveling away from me, and a resulting crappy catch.

I know the bar should leave my legs much higher, near the upper half of my thigh. My problem is, whenever I have tried to correct this by jumping later, often times I will rack myself in the junk, after which it is obviously difficult to lift the weight.

I have tried to fix this issue by altering my jump timing, wearing tight supportive gear, widening my grip to change where the bar hits me, but none of these things have helped.

So my question is this: Have any of you guys dealt with this problem, and if so, how in the world have you fixed it???

Thank you for your time...
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