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I did main page CF from 2004 to about 2006, then realized I needed to work more on strength. At that point I did Rippetoe's Starting Strength program for a few month and got a lot stronger until I plateaued. (No surprise, I was 40.)

I had occasionally been using Coach Rut's workouts as substitutes for main page when I didn't have the time or equipment for HQ's prescription, and I always enjoyed them. In 2007 he went to a year-round template of max effort lifting plus a short metcon (the Max Effort Black Box or MEBB), three days a week. I've been on that ever since and find it incredibly sustainable.

I usually add a long run on the weekend to prepare for road racing (or this year, the Tough Mudder). I may also do some volume work on pull-ups or other gymnastics. Lots of time left for recovery and I've never felt the need for more than a couple days off the program. My only setbacks have been due to injuries, which have been my fault and would have been more frequent if I'd stuck with main page.

Lately I've gotten a few of my fellow over-40 friends to try it; they've been having fun and hitting PRs in their lifts.

Check it out at -- and if you try the workouts, please post your results. Every now and then, Coach Rut threatens to stop posting workouts for lack of feedback, and this would be a big problem for some of us!
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