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No BJJ today because I was proofreading Bellator coverage for Sherdog. But I'll do open mat tomorrow.

Rings was pretty easy; 5 sets of 5 leg lifts with a 5-second hold at the end, 5 ring pullups (I pushed off the ground a bit on the way up and then did the full pull-down portion), 4 hollow body holds (10 seconds), 4 Supermans (10 seconds).

Breakfast: eggs and avocado. but so sick of eggs; didn't eat much
Lunch: leftover bacon/broccoli salad from yesterday
Dinner: chicken
plus pistachios and some chocolate

I think my new goal is going to be to seriously cut down on caffeine or limit it to one caffeine binge a week for now, or something. My body seriously does not handle it well.
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