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Originally Posted by Matt Morris View Post
Thanks for the encouragement Keith. Here's what I think I see wrong, and I'm not quite sure how to fix these (or in what order).

1) The bar is crashing down on my shoulders. I think I'll work on some cleans from the pockets (basically drop unders) with light weight.

2) I'm hitting my thighs too low. I think I'm not quite patient enough (and i think its because my p chain isn't strong enough and I jump early b/c my back feels compromised)...lots of RDL's and good mornings for that.

3) I think my weight is too far forward. I feel like I am up on my toes way too early. I'm not sure on this one, but I feel like I'm up on my toes before the double knee bend.

Any comments on these or other items are very much appreciated. Thanks again!

Matt, in order:

1 - I don't think the bar is crashing, I think you're dropping fast and your hands are a bit close together. Your fingers are practically on your shoulders. Take your grip out about 1-2 fingers width and see if that helps.

2 - Same as one, I don't think it's too low really, but moving your grip out will help with where the bar hits/brushes the thighs.

3 - You're not too far on the balls of your feet, I can see you get back on your heels during the pull. However, I do think you might be getting onto the balls of your feet too early. When you get past the knees, you're shifting too early. Try staying over the bar more and on your heels longer.

Hope this helps and makes some sense!!
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