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Really great open mat this morning. I think I got 8 or so 7-minute rounds in, but I was there for a long time. All blue and purple belts, oh except I got to roll with Gabriel Goulart! I just walked up and asked him to roll and he did. It was a nice, slow death.

He told me I need to compete to get stronger, but I don't really want to kick down $75 plus $200 or whatever in gas and hotel and etc. money when there's only one girl in my division esp. when girls often don't show up. And also I feel like I'd almost be sandbagging at this point competing at white belt if I won. So it's really no-win. And I don't feel like cutting a ton of weight and dealing with the aftermath.

Anyway. BJJ... I also had someone talk me through the bow and arrow choke, which I really really like. I usually go for collar chokes from rear mount because they work better on spazzy guys (which is everyone when they're about to get choked out by a girl) than rear-naked chokes, but it's nice to have a third option, esp. when I can't get the collar choke with those really thick gis. I really want to add that to my arsenal.

One of my coaches said what I need to work on is getting my feet to not do dumb things, and also to chain together my sub attempts from guard, which I've been working on, with sweeps, which I'm more comfortable with. Whenever I attempt subs from guard I usually get stack-passed, so I've been chaining sub attempts with defense, instead of sweeps. He also recommended more fundamentals to help me get better with linking, so maybe I will. I think I could swing fundie classes if it's before another one, but when all I do is fund. for an evening, I get bored.

Other than that, I rewrote my list of goals again. So they're the two MovNat things I need to get certified, the CF North Level 1 goals I haven't completed, and then the intermediate and advanced Starting Strength numbers from that one chart, and then I added some from Dan John's latest article on T-Nation, plus to throw some really hard ones in there I thought I'd add the really crazy numbers from the average for female Olympians my age, which are actually not too far from my weight, just their sn and c+j and deadlift numbers. They are actually not that hard for the dead. Like the SS numbers are 176 and 241, and Dan John's is 275, and theirs is 304. I've done 220 in the past with minimal training so how hard can 304 be? Hard, but not entirely out of reach.

So as far as goals, there's 15 of them but since I don't have a rower, a bench, a squat rack, bumper plates or a bar at my house, and my dbs only go up to 50 lbs each, that narrows it down to 6 for now. Three of them are MovNat related... well, I have the 2 I need to get certified plus I want to work on my running, which will incorporate MovNat-inspired running form. And then I want to improve my shoulder press back up to 95, and I have dumbbells that go up to 50 per hand, so I can work on that if I want to, even though it's harder. Plus the goddamn pullups/dips thing, which I'm hoping my ring training will help me with.

So tomorrow I'm going to work more throwing and climbing. Not sure when I'll start playing with the others, but it's nice to have goals, and 6 is a reasonable amount.

Oh yeah, food. I had some awesome hash with poblano peppers and sweet potatoes and eggs and stuff for breakfast. No lunch. I can't eat after I train hard, esp. when it's so humid. It's like the last thing on my mind, I don't think I could make myself do it. So I need to figure out my post-workout nutrition somehow. Dinner is gonna be quite elaborate; ropa vieja and plantain chips with guac and mojitos. We like theme nights during the fights. I also got a soda in case I start falling asleep as I'm staying up til 3AM to wait for these post-fight articles to edit before I crash. Oh and I had some blueberries as a snack.
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