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Originally Posted by John Frazer View Post
Tom, that looks like a great and fun program. I wish sled dragging wouldn't obstruct the sidewalk and wake up my neighborhood!
We are lucky enough to have space outside of our facility that is not in line with traffic and doesn't bother any neighbors. Here are a few examples from the last week or so that were pretty good:

6 rounds, 2.5 minutes rest in between rounds:
5 double kettlebell front squat
50' indoor prowler push (25' turnaround)
...this one looks easy...on paper!

15 strict burpees, row 100 meters
rest 1.5 minutes
12 strict burpees, row 200 meters
rest 2 minutes
9 strict burpees, row 300 meters
rest 2.5 minutes
6 strict burpees, row 400 meters
rest 3 minutes
3 strict burpees, row 500 meters

5 rounds, 4 minute send-off
5 strict chin-ups
100' double kettlebell rack carry
200 meter run

we have been doing this type of stuff for quite some time now. no injuries, no slop, no extreme soreness or systematic fatigue, get a great training stimulus yet can still function throughout the day, etc.

that being said, we don't do this all throughout the year. I may pull it in the rotation for 6-8 weeks or so, then take a break from it before people start getting burned out. our clients that are still with us that have done the crossfit 'metcon' in the past like this structure much better.

my problem with crossfit from the very beginning was that it was supposed to be a general physical PREPAREDNESS program. If preparedness is your ability to express fitness at any given moment, how good is your "gpp" immediately after a crossfit workout? the next day? the week after a competition?
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