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So I just had the worst cramps ever today, which was weird because I've been pretty good food-wise, compared to normal, anyway. Pretty sore today and blah.
Oh well. I don't have tons of magnesium laying around, so I just used chocolate.

Other than that, food was.... leftover hash for breakfast, and then I made these great Paleo meatballs with tomato sauce for dinner, and I had an apple with almond butter. I was up til like 4AM working so I didn't eat a separate breakfast and lunch.

No workout today. Getting ready for week 3 with rings and also some more BJJ. We are going on our very last trip this year on Friday through Sunday, so will need to do the Friday workout before we leave. I'm super psyched about this trip because we get to go to the wolf sanctuary and also to visit Bob Dylan's hometown, plus Todd gets free gas and we have free hotel points, so it should be a super inexpensive fun weekend trip. Plus we want to watch Invicta 2 on my laptop. And some hiking... Fun times. So we'll have to do our ring workout before we leave.

Rings is pretty similar to last week, though they're adding a few really easy exercises to do for a minute each every morning. And I want to add some MovNat in there, too.

BJJ--I definitely want to do Monday and Wednesday intermediate, and hit a few advanced classes, too... depending on how sore I get and how I feel. It'd be a bit crazy to not take advantage of the fact that we have a world champ coaching at my gym. And at the same time, getting certified for MovNat (and getting stronger, etc.) is a top priority...and I don't want to feel sore and beat up all the time. So it's all about finding that balance.
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