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So I stayed up 'til like 4AM worrying about some project. I really need to be a lot pickier with what corporate work I take on, so I'm thinking of asking for full payment up front and making some other changes which will help me maintain my sanity. No amount of pay is worth PITA clients, but raising my rates will at least keep some of them away, etc. The good news is that I have some other really great work lined up this week, so I can just forget about this project which is over and done with anyway. I'm super psyched about these new projects.

Anyway, so I got up at 10 and did the rings "daily battery," which is this morning program which I don't think is all that thrilling. One minute each of shaking it out, then hip and trunk rotations, then balance, then a body-weight exercise (push-ups, this week), then a stretch (forward fold, this week), then the hollow body hold, and then a minute of breathing, followed by a glass of water.

I didn't too much today, I took a long nap after my restless night, and then did dishes, and ate a very late meal of eggs and bacon. My 1st real workout was the first day of Week 3 of the Intro to Rings program, which was:

5 sets of 10-second top holds on the rings (and I'm annoyed that I still can't turn them out with stability yet)
5 hollow body pushups (on a 3-3-2-0-3 count)
5 hollow body plank holds, 10 seconds each (and I'm annoyed that I can't do the complete version of these yet and still keep my lower back on the ground)
5 sets of 15-second handstands against the wall (which felt long)

Workout #2 was BJJ; I went to advanced because I was so frustrated with my client today and also I wanted to chill for a bit after the rings thing instead of rushing straight out.

We warmed up with a couple sweeps; first pulled guard... I need to remember to grip at the elbow instead of the wrist/sleeve. Then we'd follow the guard pull by pushing the leg through, spinning underneath, grabbing the ankle and sweeping. Then we worked on a butterfly guard sweep where you basically hold their far side leg on your shoulder and then sweep the other way. And then we worked another variation where this turns into an x-guard sweep the other way after hooking the leg. The guy I was working with was cool.

Drills were person on the bottom from x-guard and top trying to pass. I was in a group with two younger guys, but it was good, they worked hard and we were actually pretty evenly matched... I could get some sweeps and some passes but had to work for them and got swept and passed a lot too. And got passed and swept more than I swept and passed, lol. But Gabriel Goulart told me my x-guard sweep was good even though he then told me I didn't have x-guard set up correctly. LOL. But I switched from the first sweep we learned to the second one and that made me happy, haha.

Then we did about 30 minutes of rolling, each person was in for two 5-minute rounds so we all got 15 min each. I was so shot and got worked, but it's okay, I'll get better. And my coach said I was due for a stripe after Chicago, so that makes me happy, I wouldn't mind living in 4-stripe land.

Nice, long class which made me feel better about everything. I also feel like I really need to take advantage of GG being in town and make sure to train with him as much as I can, as long as I still meet my MovNat goals.

Food... eggs and bacon, and Todd made this awesome enchilada soup with avocados and cilantro which I ate when I got home, and I had some marcona almonds too. I should probably eat something else, too, but I just want to take a bath and go to sleep and hope tomorrow is a better day. I have two projects to finish and I *really* love the people I'm working with on those, so they should go well.
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