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Got up so late. I have to get off of this sleep rollercoaster! Breakfast was just a banana and then I had some leftover meatballs for lunch, and I had salmon cakes for dinner, with mixed greens, and then like plaintain chips and almonds as snacks.

Was thinking of BJJ today b/c I'm motivated again but I'm still kind of sore from yesterday and I wanted to cook dinner, etc. and do the ring workout, so just stayed home. I have to go tomorrow and Thursday to hit my 3 times this week, though, since we're going on the last trip of the year Fri-Sun.

So I just did intro to rings, which was 5 X 5 front scale leg lifts (holding the last one for 5 seconds each set), 5 sets of 2 pull-ups (I can't do 2 in a row, so I did reverse row sit-backs), then 4 X 10 sec. hollow body holds and 4 X 10 sec. Supermans.

Still trying to figure out how to get off the emotional rollercoaster I'm on. I have a lot of say over what I do, so I feel like I should be able to control things somehow.
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