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Warm-up -

Slow down! You're burning through those reps like you're racing a clock. Take the time to set each one up.

The first drill is not doing what you're intending it too. First, you're immediately trying to shrug the bar up before you're even done extending the legs/hips. Don't shrug it up, pop it up w the lower body and use the shrug as a way to give the bar somewhere to go. You're way too tense. Lats engaged to keep the bar in, but arms relaxed. Also, open up! Keep your head up and your chest up/back. You're hunching over the bar as you extend - probably tied to the shrugging emphasis. Finish w your shoulders back, not rounding forward, and your head up. And just take it down a notch - it's the empty bar. If you try to move it like it has 100 kg on it, you won't be able to perform the movement completely and smoothly.

The tall snatch isn't really a tall snatch. You're hipping the bar up and swinging yourself down around it. Stand tall, elbows out without rounding the shoulders. Pick up your feet, THEN pull the elbows high and out to move down under the bar. No upward lift of the bar before the feet move. Pull straight down, push straight up.

Snatch -

The pull from the floor is pretty good. You maintain good posture and move your weight back well. Once you're past the knees, though, you throw your head back, which will encourage you to reach the hips to the bar rather than pushing the bar back to your hips. The latter will help you extend completely while remaining properly balanced, whereas the former will have you moving into the bar, which means less speed, worse timing and bad balance.

Related to the hip problem - you need to punch down w the legs as you snap the hips open. It's like trying to accelerate off a soft base. Punch the legs up and then pick the feet up to reconnect them flat with the ground right under the bar. You're puling too long - punch the legs and snap the hips, then immediately pick up the feet and pull down like described for the tall snatch above.

Finally, you need to be way more aggressive pulling under - you're nearly just falling under the bar rather than moving yourself under it actively. Accelerate down by pulling the elbows up and out hard, then turn and punch yourself down against the bar into the squat.
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