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Default MEBB - When to up 1RM?

First off, apologies if this question was already covered here somewhere on the forum. I performed a pretty exhaustive search but couldn't find anything...

I've been toying with Coach Rutherford's Max Effort Black Box stuff after downloading the collection from the Performance Menu. For the most part, it all makes sense, but I'm still confused as to when I should be looking to up my 1RM, and then in turn the other lifts that are percentage-based from this.

In browsing the interwebs, I've seen some folks talk about putting in a max effort for that given day (which could presumably lead to a new PR), but these seems to contradict with Rutherford's more scientific approach, based off specific percentages of 1RM for a given rep scheme.

Should I be testing/upping my 1RM at the end of a Meso cycle, or should this be happening on more of a Micro cycle level? Any guidance would be much appreciated!!

Thanks all,

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