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Workout #1 was more rings; 5 sets of 10-second top holds, 5 hollow-body pushups which are super prolonged, 5 10-second hollow body holds, and 5 15-second handstand holds against the wall.

Workout #2 was BJJ, I went to a fundamentals class b/c I'm pretty beat from the 2.5 hour session yesterday. We worked on a couple judo throws and takedowns from T-position, then recomposing the guard, and also we worked on a sweep that's like a kimura sweep, and then we worked on the actual kimura, and then we drilled a combination of all of those things.

Today was my 100th check-in at Alliance, so I'm pretty stoked. That's more times than I've gone to any other gym I've trained at... kind of cool.

Food... I had some fruit and cheese and a few (gasp!) whole wheat crackers at Barnes and Noble, where I was completing some work and picking up a copy of the new Black Belt (where I have an article, woo hoo!) Then I had a banana and a bunch of chili with sweet potatoes and green beans after jits.

I'm going away on this trip which we've been planning forever tomorrow, so probably won't post another workout 'til Sunday or Monday, unless hiking counts. Should be a lot of fun. We're going to Ely to the wolf sanctuary, hiking in Duluth (lighthouses!) and, what I'm most excited about is going to Zimmy's in Hibbing, since I'm obsessed with Bob Dylan. I will probably eat some rice during this trip, lol. I think I'm doing pretty well with my diet, though, comparatively. Aside from 2-3 chais or coffee drinks a week and a few small cheat meals, it's pretty spot on.
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