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The closest place in Baltimore is South Baltimore Crossfit; John Filippini has a decent program there which is focused only on O lifting (or powerlifting if that's your desire). You can join there for their strength membership and not be bothered to do Crossfit.

Dumbarton Middle School in Towson is the Home of Team Baltimore, and one of my lifters trains there once in a while. You want to talk to Tim Guarino for the times people are around, but they are open only in the evenings. Check out for Tim's contact info.

Crossfit BWI has some lifting going on, but I'm not sure of the extent of their program. I know Aaron Adams used to coach there, but I've always thought CrossFit BWI was a more Games focused place, though they're pretty cool when I've met with them.

I'm located in PA just over the MD border and I have many folks from Baltimore and DC come train with me; Baltimore people will come up 1-4 days/ week depending on their work schedule. You can email me or contact me via
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