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Not bad, good speed on those lifts. Now we have to work on your positioning and timing. The first thing I notice in all of the lifts is you swing the bar out past the hips. This pulls you forward and you tend to jump forward and turn that bar over a little to far back on some. The next thing that stands out is the timing on your lifts gets delayed as the weights go up. You have a slight hesitation at the hips where you need to speed up and change directions.

To fix your positioning I suggest using a combination haulting snatch dead lifts and snatch high pulls. In the haulting snatch dead lifts you should focus on keeping the shoulders over the bar up to that high hang position and getting onto those heels. In the high pulls you want to keep those same positions in the haulting dead lift but apply some speed (as long as you can keep good position!), focus on extending back and up (shoulders behind the hips slightly as you extend), and keeping that bar close as you pull high.

To work on your timing I would suggest working on 2 and 3 position snatches from the top down. Focus on changing directions quickly in those hang positions (as they force you to be quick) and then try your hardest to keep that timing the same from the floor.
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