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Nicolas Warren
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Mon 2 Jul ‘12

Snatch: 50x3x4
C&J: 50x3, 70x2x4
LPDs: 120lbsx15x2
GMs: 20x10, 40x10

Wed 4 Jul ‘12

Snatch: 50x3x2, 60x3x4
Front Squat: 50x3, 70x3, 80x3, 90x3x2
LPDs: 120lbsx12x2
GHSUs: 20x2

Thu 5 Jul ‘12

C&PP, C&PJ: 50x3, 80x10
GHSUs: 15x3
LPDs: 130lbsx12,15,15
Bench: 20x5, 50x5, 60x5, 65x5, 70x5
M-row: 50x10x2

Sat 7 Jul ‘12

Snatch: 50x3x3, 70x2x8
C&J: 50x2, 70x2, 90x2x4
Back Squat: 60x5, 90x5, 115x5x2, 90x5x2
LPDs: 140lbsx12x2
GHSUs: 20x2

Mon 9 Jul ’12 (feeling a bit flat)

Snatch: 50x3x3, 70x2, 77.5x2x5
C&J: 50x3, 70x2, 90x2, 97.5x2x4
M-row: 55x15x2
GHSUs: 20x2

Wed 11 Jul ‘12

Snatch: 50x3x3, 70x2x2, 80, 82.5 (xx/), 85x2x5 (4th /x/)
Front Squat: 70x3x2, 100x3, 120, 127.5x3x5
LPDs: 120lbsx10, 150lbsx10x3
GHSUs: 20x3

Sat 14 Jul ‘12

Snatch: 50x3x3, 70x2x2, 80, 85, 90, 92.5x1x5
C&J: 50x3, 70x3, 90x2, 100, 107.5, 112.5x2 (PB), 115 (/x)
Back Squat: 60x5, 90x3, 120x2, 130, 140x9, 140x8 (missed 9th)
LPDs: 110lbsx10, 150lbsx10

Mon 16 Jul ‘12

Snatch: 50x3x3, 70x2x2, 80x1x2, 50x3x2
PP: 50x3, 60x3, 70x3, 75x3
Jerk: 80, 90, 95x1x4, 100x1x3
GHSUs: 20x2
LPDs: 110lbsx10, 150lbsx12x2

Wed 18 Jul ‘12

Snatch: 50x3x2, 70x2x2, 80, 85, 87.5
Front Squat: 70x3x2, 100x2, 120, 130, 140x2 (PB), 145(PB), 147.5x
Rack Holds: …140, 160, 170
M-row: 60x15x3
GHSUs: 20x3

Thu 19 Jul ‘12

C&J: 50x3x2, 80x2, 90x2x5
Bench: 20x5, 50x5x2, 65x5, 70x5, 75x3, 82.5x, 50x5
LPDs: 130lbsx10x5

Sat 21 Jul ‘12

Snatch: 50x3x3, 70x2x2, 80, 85, 90, 95x (behind), 95x (IF)
C&J: … 110, 120x (fell backwards on this one and didn’t manage to get my left hand out. My elbow got locked against the ground, and the weight came down on my left wrist. That was the end of the session…)

Had difficulty driving home that day… had difficulty taking my shoe-laces off. Wasn’t able to turn taps or door knobs, cut my nails, or put any pressure onto my left hand. Ended up going to see the doctor on Tuesday, who didn’t think there were any broken bones in the hand, and no complete tendon ruptures because I still some strength in most axes. Had an x-ray for the wrist as well just to be sure. No fractures.

So have just been taking it easy for the past ten days. I go on a holiday this Saturday for another ten days. Will start heading back into the gym after that.

I felt pretty flat in this 3-week cycle, but pushed myself anyway. I felt especially crappy on the last Saturday… also there is a decline bench that comes right up to the platform I was lifting on. I think I’ll lift I’ll also be lifting on another platform next time…
Age/Height/BW: 29/6'/100kg.
Snatch: 114kg. C&J: 140kg. BS/FS: 195/160kg.
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