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Still out of town, not much special to report, went to a Mongolian grill place, ate waaaay too much, 5 bowls in all.

Early AM
I didn't wake up early enough to run down to the gym so I just did some stuff in the room quickly:
supine bridge with reach - 6L/R
yoga pushup - 8
spiderman with hip lift and overhead raise - 3L/R
neck 3 way joint mob - 5 each way
hip circles - 5L/R
shoulder circles - 33
wrist mob - 15
egyptian - 5L/R
squat - 33
yoga pushup - 8
Cossack - 10 L/R
squat - 33

-did all these except for the joint mobility things at a fairly fast clip, just trying to get some movement in after gorging myself at that grill the night before, hopefully I'll be able to get into the gym after work today
-supine bridge with reach - saw this video on a Eric Cressey video, I liked it, another variation to throw in the toolbox
-yoga pushup - this is basically a pushup and going into downward dog (I think is what it's called this sucked, not because the pushups are hard but because I suck so bad at going into downward dog, my hamstrings felt tight, I think my back wasn't flat, and I wasn't really able to maintain a plane with my upper body

Went to a park near the hotel with Connor, helped him make his own ninja warrior course, he had a blast. Found this great little burger joint that only served grassfed beef and local ingredients, I had a beef burger with smoked paprika mayo + pickles + tomatos + pepper jack + pork belly and it was good! Took Connor to the pool later that night and the pool was frigid!
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