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Green eggs for breakfast, chicken soup for lunch, went out to Brasa for dinner after screwing up Todd's dinner (I took the crockpot out but forgot to turn it on) so I decided to take him out to make up for it. We split some pulled pork and fried catfish, plus small sides (yams and andouille and potato salad), plus some cornbread and a flourless torte.

Missed BJJ because I didn't want him to have to wait til 9 to eat dinner b/c he hates that. I did do my rings workout, which was 1 minute total of top position, a bunch of hollow body pushups, and 5 5-second tuck positions, to prep for L-sits.

I got really strong cupping yesterday, which helped, and finally slept, so I feel a bit more human... I made a list of all my deadlines for next week and a schedule, so should be able to handle things better next week.
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