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Yesterday breakfast was some awesome kale/sweet potato/tomato/egg type thing, then a really late lunch/early dinner which was beef stew with more sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onions, etc. and dried apricots (this recipe, but without squash: Then we watched the fights with friends; had some beer and lots of caffeine and some potato chips and corn chips.

Workout was a ton of BJJ at open mat, which went really well for being out for a week, I feel like I'm moving really well and even tapped out a blue belt, though I did sufficiently get my butt kicked as usual as well; rolled with a couple from Canada who were visiting and they both had the exact same game, which was funny, and it was annoying to know escapes but not get them to work (like hooking the leg as a mount defense, etc. etc.) I think I rolled with 8 or 9 people total and I also have been having more success breaking grips, though grip fighting is kind of a PITA and feels so pointless sometimes since they just regrip, but it's better than not breaking grips at all.
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